June 03, 2004

Lord Of My Heart-Alwayz A King

When the mountain cry the ocean will die..as the river flow naturaly..the tree talks and whisper about an angel that been curse by the devil..the wind who heard it bring the matter to the sky above...the sky who know now, ask the thunder to charge the bolt full with anger and fire..nothing can touch the heaven without his permission,nothing!!

Black as a raven fur,mother earth change the colour..Lovely as always the angel comforting the mountain who still cry sadly with her soft wings..the mountain feel the pain that cut through the heart of the sea..suddenly the bolt start aiming fire to the mountain..straightly without reason..the flame is so hot..even the hell envy the power of it..try to destroy it badly..why?..with pain and sadness the mountain roar loudly..waking up the devil who send the curse...bringing earthquake to the world above..with tear an angel try to soothe the devil temper knownly as her master.

The sun who try to appears on the sky,fail..the darkness fall beyond imagining..the chous starting to took over the pure land..blood are everywhere..the mountain urge his strengh to save the world..use his soil to kill the fire come from the bolt...an angel pray and pray harder with tear to save the world from darkness..soothing her master mood..nursing the mountain who hurt..suddenly...to be continue>/span>

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