February 27, 2006

Edisi Diari's

aku punya teman,
teman sepermainan,
dimana ada dia selalu ada aku,
dia memang manis,
dan juga baik hati,

dan dia slalu ada waktu,
untuk membantuku,
namun aku bingung,
ketika dia bilang cinta,
dan dia juga katakana,
tuk ingin jadi kekasihku,

cukuplah saja berteman denganku,
janganlah kau meminta lebih,
kutak mungkin mencintaimu,
kita berteman saja,
teman tapi mesra,

aku memang suka pada dirimu,
namun aku ada yang punya,
lebih baik kita berteman,
kita berteman saja,
teman tapi mesra
Edisi Diari's

Folktales IV

The Fisherman's Widow

by Ilil Arbel, Ph.D.

Long ago, an old fisherman’s widow lived by the sea. She had no children to help her, and the villagers, embittered by perpetual poverty, spared her little if any food.

One day she fished on the beach, not far from a few young maidens. Noticing some commotion among them, the old woman saw that a wounded hippocampus was thrown by the waves onto the sand. The girls laughed at the unhappy animal, and one even threw a stone at him. Angry at such cruelty, the old woman went to comfort the hippocampus and dressed his wound. She gave him some water, and sat by his side, cradling his beautiful white head on her lap.

Image drawn exclusively for theEncyclopedia Mythica by Patricia J. Wynne

Eventually the hippocampus began to recover. He lifted his head and spoke:

"You saved my life. In return, I will grant you three wishes."

"Anything I want?" asked the widow.

"Anything you desire. I give you my word."

"Then I want you to make this village a prosperous place."

As soon as this was said, the poor village changed. The houses looked well-kept, and little vegetable gardens sprouted around them. The fishermen’s boats sparkled, perfectly repaired and painted. The girls on the beach wore beautifully embroidered dresses.

"My second wish, hippocampus, is to make the villagers kind and good. Nobody should ever be turned away from their doors."

As soon as this was said, the girls changed. Tears came to their eyes and they rushed forward to help the hippocampus. The old woman saw windows and doors thrown open, and people hugging each other in the street.

"Don’t you want anything for yourself?" asked the hippocampus.

"Yes, one thing," said the old woman. "I want death."

"Why? Look how you changed these girls with your kind wish. They seem concerned for both of us. Surely life will be good now in this village?"

"Not for me. My life is over, hippocampus. I have suffered too long and I am very old. Other people will benefit, I hope, but I have nothing left to do in this village," said the widow.

"I cannot give you death," said the hippocampus.

"You gave your word, hippocampus. Anything I want."

"Then you must follow me to my land. My Prince can give you death."

The girls tried to stop her, but the widow would not listen; she walked to the edge of the water with the hippocampus. The setting sun threw an orange streak of light on the sea, and it looked like a long golden road into the horizon. As the hippocampus and the old woman stepped on the streak of light, the sea opened, revealing broad stone stairs leading deep down. The girls retreated, terrified.

Never looking back, the old woman walked into the sea, and found she could breath as comfortably as she did on land. They descended the stairs for a long time, finally reaching the Land Beneath the Sea, which we call Atlantis.

The old woman had never seen such beauty. The light turned the bottom of the sea into an aquamarine paradise. A profusion of sea anemones fluttered and waved in the underwater gardens, colorful fishes swam everywhere, and many mermaids and mermen passed by, each riding a white hippocampus.

Finally the widow and the hippocampus entered a magnificent palace made of pearls and shiny shells. Inside, on a huge golden throne, sat the handsome Prince of Atlantis, surrounded by his court. The hippocampus bowed, and related the story and the widow’s request. The Prince listened attentively, smiled, and said:

"This is a wonderful story, my hippocampus friend. But where is the kind old woman who saved you life and wanted nothing for herself in return?"

"Why, Your Highness, I am the old woman," said the widow, astonished.

Everyone laughed, and the Prince handed her a jeweled mirror; from it smiled the face of her youth, when she was the village beauty and life was full of the promise of joy.

"No one grows old in Atlantis," said the Prince kindly, "and no one dies unless they want to. Look around you and decide. Do you still want death, my dear? Or would you rather live?"

"I would rather live, Your Highness, since you have given me the opportunity of a new life," said the widow. "But what will become of me? I do not want to go back to my village. My life there is finished."

"For a hundred years I have been looking for a special woman to be my wife, as it is the custom of the Royal House of Atlantis to choose their spouses from the World above the Sea. If I search the world for another hundred years I will not find anyone as selfless, wise, and beautiful as you," said the Prince. "Will you be my wife and the Princess of Atlantis?"

And so it was. And in the old village they have erected a statue in her honor, which can still be seen today, if you just go far enough up the coast of this little Greek Island where it all happened, long ago.

p/s: hippocampus = mcm kuda laut rupenye..ekor ikan pala kuda
Edisi Diari's

Folktales III

The Dun Horse

by Ilil Arbel, Ph.D.

Long ago there was an old man who had three sons. The older sons looked after the farm, but the youngest, Ivan the Fool, just sat all day on the great kitchen stove. One day the father knew he was dying. He called his sons and said: "When I am dead, bring bread to my grave for three nights, as is the custom of our fathers."
The first night after the father's death was the eldest son's turn to bring the bread to the grave, but the night was dark, the wind was howling, and he was afraid to go. So he said: "you go, Ivan. Nothing ever happens to fools." Ivan went fearlessly and laid the bread on his father's grave. The father's ghost came out, thanked him kindly, ate the bread and disappeared. The next night was the second's brother's turn, but the night was dark, the wind was howling, and he was afraid to go. Again Ivan went, and the father's ghost graciously accepted the gift.

The third night was dark, the wind was howling, and it was Ivan's own turn. The ghost ate the bread and said: "Ivan, do not come back to my grave, as I am now going to heaven. You were the only son who kept the faith, so I shall reward you. Go to the field and call: 'Dun horse, magic horse, come when I call you!' And when he comes, mount him. God bless you, my son."
The next day, the Tsar issued a proclamation. All the young unmarried men were to come to the Tsar's courtyard. In the window of the tallest tower the Tsar's only daughter would be sitting. The young men would jump their horses right up to her. If one could reach her and kiss her lips, he would be her husband and the next Tsar. The two older brothers immediately put on their finest clothes and mounted the best horses, completely forgetting Ivan. So Ivan went to the field and called: "Dun horse, magic horse, come when I call you!"

Image drawn exclusively for theEncyclopedia Mythica by Patricia J. Wynne

Thundering hooves, flying tail and flame streaming from his nostrils, the dun horse came. Ivan mounted him and immediately turned into a handsome young man, dressed in the finest clothes! He rode to the Tsar's courtyard, and watched as the young men were defeated, one by one, in their efforts to reach the princess. Then he rode to the window and looked at her, so high above, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. The princess smiled at him. She liked the handsome young man on the fabulous dun horse very much!
Without word, Ivan turned the horse. A hush fell over the crowd as he circled the courtyard, urged the horse on and took the jump at full gallop. Like an arrow he shot to the window and kissed the princess on her lips!
The Tsar gave the greatest wedding banquet ever seen in Russia. He thought he was blessed to have such a magician for a son-in-law! Ivan's brothers certainly did not think he was a fool anymore, and were proud of him. Ivan and his princess lived happily ever after, and ruled Russia better than anyone before or after.

Edisi Diari's

Folkstale II


Muara Kaman county lies along the Mahakam River, in eastern Borneo. In the past the county was a kingdom, ruled by Queen Aji Bidara Putih. She was a typical queen of myths: beautiful, wise, and sensitive. Many princes and kings proposed her but she always refused them because she concerned more about ruling her country and guarding her people. One day, a Chinese junk came to eastern Borneo. First the people thought it was a merchant ship but the ship was loaded with trade goods and highly trained soldiers.Their envoys brought gold antiques and porcelains to announce the proposal from Prince of China. The queen didn't refuse instantly and replied that she had to ponder first.

After the envoys left the palace, the queen called a court officer and ordered him to infiltrate the Chinese junk to gather information on the prince.When the night fell, the officer sneaked into the junk, got through behind every guards, and finally found the prince's room. The large door was opened and he couldn't find any peek hole. So the officer put his ear to the wall, trying to catch sounds from inside. He heard that the prince was having his dinner and the noise of his chewing and slurping surprised the officer. It was like a boar which once he heard when he was hunting.He quickly left the boat and returned to the palace. He reported that the prince must have been a phantom, not a human. He believed that the phantom could be in a human's form only during the daytime.

The queen was so surprised and got angry. On the next day, she refused his proposal.The enraged prince ordered his troops to raid Muara Kaman. The battle was won by the huge troops of China, and they got close to the palace. Queen Aji Bidara Putih chewed a leaf of betel vine and sang a mantra (spell) while holding it. When she threw it to the Chinese troops, it turned to giant centipedes. The Chinese troops started to retreat but three centipedes chased them and sank the junks.The site of the sunk ship is now known as Danau Lipan, Lake of Centipede, with Chinese treasures hidden on the lake's bed.

p/s: centipedes = lipan
Edisi Diari's

Folktales I

River of the Princess

by Micha F. Lindemans

A long time ago, the land of Romania was devastated by a disastrous drought. Men crept about like ghosts with their bones starting through their skins and their lips drawn back so that their teeth lay bare. They wore nothing but a few rags upon their bodies. The beautiful princess Irina felt her heart breaking for pity, and wringing her hands, prayed thus, "Oh good God, hast Thou, then, quite forsaken me? Wilt Thou bring our poor land to destruction? Have we sinned yet more that we must endure such searchings-out of Thy wrath?" Then a soft, cool breath stole in, bearing a perfume as from the most beautiful of gardens, and a silvery voice spoke, "Help shall arise for thee out of a river. Only seek." Then, through the burning summer heat, the princess began a weary pilgrimage toward the rivers. Occasionally, she would stumble upon a starved little horse that would carry her for a short distance, and then fall down dead, even beneath her own light weight. Most of the time, however, Irina walked the barren land herself. She went up the Olt river, the Gin, the Buzau, the Siret, all the rivers both great and small. They flowed but meagerly over their stony beds, and those once mighty waters scarcely whispered as they went, they that of old were wont to rush and roar.
"Merciful God!", prayed the princess, "Let but a little cloud appear when I have found the river that is to help us!" But no cloud appeared, and she was forced to seek further and further. She was wandering for a second time up the banks of the Argesch, and was just about to turn sadly back, when she caught sight of the mouth of a little stream that she had not noticed before. Too tired to investigate, she lay herself to sleep beside the river.

When she awoke the next morning, the river was no longer brown, but clear and blue as the air, and at the bottom of the water something shone and glittered as the sunbeams themselves. She girt up her garments and waded in to find out what it was that shone with so wondrous a gleam. And lo! it was pure gold. She fell on her knees, right there in the stream, and gave God thanks, aloud and earnestly. She had found gold and now she could finally help. The princess went carefully on through the water and gathered up the golden grains and little fragments, filling her mantle with them until the burden was almost too heavy to bear. Then, she hurried home with her treasure and poured it out before her husband. Her children were yet alive, though weak and sorely exhausted. They scarcely knew her again, so emaciated and sunburnt she was. With the treasure, they sent forth messengers into distant lands to buy corn, maize and hay, seeds and cattle; and the river never grew weary of giving gold until the famine was at an end, and laughing, green, and sleek cattle covered the Romanian meadows once more.

Edisi Diari's

Extract from a 3,000 year-old papyrus.

She is one girl,
there is no one like her.
She is more beautiful than any other.
Look, she is like a
star goddess arising at
the beginning of a happy new year;
brilliantly white, bright skinned;
with beautiful
eyes for looking,
with sweet lips for speaking;
she has not one phrase too many.
With a long neck and white breast,
her hair of genuine lapis lazuli;
her arm more brilliant than gold;
her fingers like lotus flowers,
with heavy buttocks and girt waist.
Her thighs offer her beauty,
with a brisk step she
treads on ground.
She has captured my heart
in her embrace.
She makes all men turn their necks to look at her.
One looks at her passing by,
this one, the unique one.
p/s: sajak dari zaman firaun, yesss..already 3,000 yrs
Edisi Diari's

Menu Oh Menu..


Nasi putih
Ikan goreng 'bodo'
sambal belacan
sayur sawi putih goreng
keropok lekor goreng



Nasi pulut
Kuah santan dgn durian
Ikan tenggiri jeruk masin+ bawang goreng


Nasi goreng cina
telur goreng dadar
Air Rebina


Sup tauhu jepun dan cendawan
Ayam goreng sambal
keropok lekor goreng garing


Roti berintikan daging burger
Nescafe Suam


p/s: Oit jamie oliver's tulung ler koi nih...penin nk pk menu ari2!

February 16, 2006

Edisi Diari's

Elin Elisha

memula semut dtg invade umah sewa koi nih..

lipas plak dok berterbangan di ruang udara..

tikus plak dok main ba-ba chak gan koi...isk..iskk...

last n i hope the least,
kucing plak dok geledah2 dapur koi sob..sob..sob sadis sungguh!

pe la nasib umah sewa koi nih..bile ngadu kt hasben dia kate:

"umah ni byk sgt sumber reseki gamoknya hihihihii.."

chit poddah..hah, jgn nk wat spekulasi koi tk kemas umah ek..kuie jotosan sowang2 kang..(angin tahap wilma)...w/pon x serajin yati a.k.a IMAH koi kemas gak ler umah tuh..janji sedap mate memandang..setakat sapu menyapu nih, pejam mate jer..huhuhuhu..koi x tau ler since umah sebelah nih dh kene bli n wat renovated..mcm2 makhluk dok pindah randah kt umah koi nih..dulu umah tu kene lelong gan bank..emmm, since koi pindah after married ler..umah sewa skang nih dulu umah bujang hasben koi n da geng..then bile kami dh kawen dia pakat ler tendang seko2 dr umah tuh...(amboit sadis nyer ayat kwang..kwang..kwang)..

lama gak umah tuh dok kene lelong tp x de plak yg minat..teruk gak umah tuh kene 'renovated' gan anasir2 luo (maybe mat pit or tmpt lepak geng pecah umah daaa..) pintu dpn n sliding door pon bleh open bebila mase je..kira2 x de penjagaan ler kan.. tup-tup bile kami blk dr kampung arituh..ternampak kelibat org dok peratikan meter air..koi dh saspen kot2 air kitaorg nk kene potong..tp hasben kate dia x penah tunggak wat bayaran bil2 nih..always on da time..emmm, sape ek? x lama kendian terjawab ler persoalan itu apabila kami dgr mcm2 bunyi alatan pertukangan kt umah sebelah..yeyeyeyeye, koi ade jiran baru hehehehehe..

tp malangnya after umah tuh siap dimodified oleh da new owner, 'penghuni2' lama kt situ dh pindah kt umah koi plak...hampesh toi arrr...maklumlah sanctuary diorg dh kene kemas kan..jd pakat2 plak serang umah koi..angin toi arrr! bkn nk ckp ler...sket pon x mo riak..umah koi nih mmg kaya gan 'makanan' sb aku somi isteri kuat makan..(mmg ler cute n tembam nyer couple-erra fazira n yusry versi cinta kolestrol) jd jika tong sampah koi tuh x sempat nk campak kt alam flora nyer tong..smua makluk nih dok serbu ler gamoknya..saket ati time nmpk tulang mulang dok bersepak kt lantai dapor tuh..sob..sob..sob..sob..sedey!

p/s: "Abanggggggggggggggggggggggg jgn lupe bli 'racun' ek, kite perang!!!" (laungan versi filem bisikan cinta)
Edisi Diari's

Selamat Jalan Tok Pa..Selamat Datang Tok Effendi

sob..sob..sob..ishk..iskh..sedey plak bile tgk adegan bertukaran tugas Tok Pa (Dato' Mustapa Mohamed) gan Tok Effendi (Dato Sri Dr Effendi Nawawi)..patah tumbuh ilang berganti..yg lama di tuko kan yg baru..tp dlm kes kt UPE nih..yg lama di tuko kembali gan yg lama..majlis kecik tuh diadakan jam 2.30 ptg td..smua staff UPE berkumpul di lobi blok B5 untuk memberi lambai terakhir pd Tok Pa dan ucapan slmt dtg pd Tok Effendi..suasana masih terkawal..koi x nmpk plak chik kuntum kt lobi td..oohhh,layan alamak.com ek?

koi gan mas dok jauh sket dr kete Tok Pa..kitaorg ingat x dpt ler nk salam gan dia, but upe2nya..Tok Pa n Tok Fendi ronda satu bulatan nuh...huhuhuhu...yg lawaknya, ade plak kronie's x kenai Tok Fendi..sib baik dh jauh tok2 tuh berjln..kalu dia dengor ler, tentu ade yg kene anto kt ulu tembeling or gua niah,kwang..kwang..kwang!!

RMK9 dh pon berada dlm fasa terakhir..around this april msk dewan..then bleh ler release kt paper plak..teruk gak bos2 beso nih..berhempas pulas siapkan paper RMK9..siang mlm dok OT jer..hari sabtu n ahad pon kene keje..penin pala..no rest langsung tp demi rakyat diorg usahakan jugak :P

p/s: pe strategi Pak Lah dlm cabinet reshuffle tuh ek?

Edisi Diari's

Cabinet Reshuffle

tergempar..tergempar..noneng..noneng..noneng...tepi-tepi koi nk lalu nih, awat yg opis kecoh2 sgt nih..bos koi pon dok kuar masuk carik radio or tv...tetiba dia tanya koi :

boss : ct, u ade radio x?

koi : sori boss, sy x der radio..tp bilik Dato' TKP(S) tuh ade..siap gan tv lg

boss: u ade dgr x cabinet reshuffle petang nih? tu i nk tgk..mesti ade live program rite?

koi: huh dh reshuffle boss? (sambil jeling paper NST bertajuk : cabinet reshuffle next week?)

boss : tu yg i nk dgr radio nih..(bergerak menuju ke bilik Dato' TKP(S))

bio benor? kalu betoi..last2 bos g lepak bilik Puan TKP(M)..sb nk tgk tv..then the news spread..yep definately cabinet reshuffle on 3.05 pm today!

Emmmm..cemaner ek.. koi nih working under Special Advisor 4 da minister..if da minister transfer to some place else, where we gonna go boss? bos koi tamat kontrak this 15 of april..lg 2 bln jer ler..but if dato sri effendi want new person...my boss has to go..then, koi blk semula ler ke tempt asal..kan mas?

p/s: sprt kate kk norhaya.."itulah yg terjadi jika dok ikot menteri..we dunno when it will happen (cabinet reshuffle)..kite yg akan dpt masalah nnt, tergantung2"