March 15, 2004

Wat must i do??

Wat must i do? My mind is stuck with this question..i've been lied by a 'frend' ( blue uniform) last weeks..i felt so angry that i shot him to kill..but it only appears in my mind only..baddddddd blue suite man!..i tried to help 'cik kuntum' tackle him by going out with him and promote cik kuntum to him..but after 4th date...he told me the truth..but not after i found it 1st...his giving my fren wedding card...his wedding card? yeah, i repeat his wedding card..this 3rd April 2004..i felt mad... very-very MAD...if u can look at my face that day...but, i and cik kuntum can tell that he has a g/f...when we ask him, he keep denying, we dont take it for granted...can man tell the truth? or they always like to tell lies? maybe their hobby to brake some1 heart..(alhamdulillah not me)

So, i take action by seeing him to discuss this matter alone...not with cik kuntum coz i'm hiding too much about this from her..b4 that i'm not in hurry to see him but after he send me sms like this: Lawa awak hari nie..- my temper flared up higher from the kinabalu mountain...he still want to flirt with me even thou he already enggaged...mens! i felt very disspointed..i thout that he is a good man after all..but, this 'wedding card' tell everything about him..y he want it to be secret? as a man, he wil not face it badly but for me, as a women..if something bad happen to us that 'tangkap basah', i'll be dead meat with my parent..24 hr notice transfer to my hometown TEMERLOH...or, being founded my his fioncee..people will blaming me..not him, stealing somebody usual men always run from their responbility...he tried to act 'cool' with me..but i'm not in the, in his car that nite we tried to settle this problem...he asked me wat wat he do that is so wrong to me..oucccchhh...when i heard he asked that stupid q..thank god, i dont bring shot-gun with me..if not, he'll be dead like dog! with patiend, i explain to him..y he dont tell me the truth that he already engaged n getting married? y he still flirtering around with us? Using me n cik kuntum to satisfied his lonely nite? i felt like a cheep person...very cheep..just follow him n put in my mind that he is not like other man..can take me n cik kuntum as wat we are..(not preety, chubby n all...)want to be fren coz we are kind person..not just to flirt!..but my thout is wrong..he just same like other man..lier200x...n i felt so shame coz telling him that cik kuntum has crush on him..(he not handsome..not cute..i dont know wat make cik kuntum like him..)everytime we dated that was the main topic to me..promote my dear fren..hoping that he will accept her...but, the 1st time dated..he not interested in wat i told him..he dont like cik kuntum..but kept telling he like me better..(if u a women who has heart to him..can u stand the flattery? try to test me by talking about love and love..) he 'showed' that he like me..n all his sms 'smell' like that too..huh, thanks god i'm not interested in him..he's not my type of, everytime he provoked me with his nice n juicy word..i just ignore n be normal..pushing my thout to take it real..he also introduce 2 of his fren to me n cik kuntum..but like him, all of his fren dont have any good qualities..same like him..boring!

but the matchmaker to cik kuntum almost success..but after she knowd that "A" not praying..she back-off.."A" already fall in love with cik kuntum..calling her everynite..tellling how much he miss her..hey, they only meet 1 time..not alone, but with all of come he is so easily falling? i'm not interested to when i found that "B" dont know a thing about 'relationship' between men and women..this 'blue uniform' told me that his fren is like that..n he try to help "B" to have a g/, we comunicate with sms...n it is so boringggggggggggggggggggggg...alwys wait for me to take the step..letihlah cam nie....he's a man..n will be a 'leader' in his marriage..but he dont know how to take, i decide not to do anything..until know..he's quite like ghost..hehehehehhe..suite him good!

that nite i told everything that distract my mind with his stupid conspiracy...stupid act..stupid talking..stupid frens..but i'm not yelling at him..i talk like a malays ladies..with grace n kindness...he tried to argued with me..but, i success to make him 'shut up' n listening quietly..hahahahahahahha last he confess about his stupid mistake and ask for my forgiveness...he also ask if we still frend after this..i said to him that i'm not that bad..we wil be fren but it takes time..he already lie to me with a weak, to mend him..i hope time will tell...the meeting with him that nite..i told my mashimaro..afraid if he suspect something...n he give me moral support to take that blue uniform guy 'down'...hahahahah, thanks mashi!

when i'm coming home..all my housemate waited to know the ending...i told them everything coz their are the 'viewers' of this 'weird movies' staring me, cik kuntum n this stupid blue uniform guys...their glad that i'm ending this, after this i will not...i'll repeat- will all mens word-from 100 word they said only 0.01 can be

thanks aya, misni, yati n my dearly sisters that support me during this 'weird war'..thanks my mashi for believing-i love u all..

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