July 27, 2005

Subjek : Antara AP dengan AYAH PIN...

sejak minggu leps lg 'kelam kabut' pasal AP n AYAH PIN nih..heboh satu malaya dek non..lg heboh bile minister n former prime minister perang akbar..bonusnya, PROTON nyer saham naik mendadak..yg kayo sape? MEREKA dan keluarga mereka gak hikhikhihik...mcm2 cite kuar ler..skg nih, AYAH PIN gan bini2 n org kanan dia dh menghilang kan diri..tp sudah pasti le bkn naik ke langit..syirik toi..

sowi agak lama x update blog..aku x de mood le..mood ilang..x tau arrr..cite mmg ade tp maleh nk menaip..lenguh longlai..skng aku tgh plan nk g TIMES SQUARE...adik bongsu aku tuh nk have some fun gan best fren sblm bz dgn exam n tution..end of this year she facing STPM..semoga dpt good result n seterusnya mengorak langkah membina masa depan, insyaAllah..memula tuh Adik nk g genting highland..ala memain dlm theme park tuh..tp bile i ask my husband, he said that mende alah tuh dh x de..promosi dh x de..emm..so tk kan nk naik gunung tuh gan CM 8776?..merangkak le gamoknya..so i give her an alternative..y not we go to somewhere else sis? where? how bout Berjaya Times Square? sound good u know..it hv the same facility u want at genting except that..the weather not cold as the mountain but still it cold with the aircond hehehhehe..same wat!!!

after explaination n so much effort to convinced her..at last she agreed to go to Times Square..fuyooo..save bujet..so today i surf the web n found out that the ticket price is RM25 per adult..check the facilitiy especially the theme park n i satisfied..but we can't jugde it now b4 seeing it infront of our own eyes..cant tell yet..i asked my husband for approval..n yessss..he agreed..wonderfull feeling..going there with him after received married certificate officially hehhehe..dh de cop JAIP hehehhe..jd leh le nk peluk2 sakan or romantic scene waktu terkezut2 naik roller coaster tuh hah..maklumlah officially married...:P

so last nite i went to TESCO..bought house thing for 1 month stock..heheheheh..n someting for the 'visiter' who will be arriving this 29th..around 6.00 pm..i hv to fetch them at sg. besi stesyen..STAR LRT..after work..and i wonder how exausting this weekend will be..ghoshhhhhh, hoping that i can still sleep in the end or just go to long deep slumberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....muahahhahah!

wife : honey, wat u wanna eat tomorow?

husband : it up to you darling.. i eat wat ever u cook hehhee..

wife : i must know ur menu..dun want u to complain about my cooking huhuhu..

husband : i'm not..cook wat ever u desire darling n still...i eat!

wife : so u dun change ur mind about the times square planning?

husband : no..let Adik n her fren enjoy this weekend..having fun..n do wat ever she wanna do
n we just 'play along' with them dear..

wife : if it ok with u so be it..i just wonder if u dun feel comfortable doing this with them..i mean
afterall she is my sister..n..emmm..

husband : oh dear, they just wanna hv some fun, dear after married with u..ur family is my family..
n my family is urs,rite? by the way..let us enjoy with them, dun worry..i'll behave
hehehhehe..(winking at his wife who blushing sunddenly)

p/s: RM25? ok le tuh..yg penting enjoy tp bujet cemaner? mak kodok deting gan bapak jerung..kalu kawen anak kuar pe erk..new spesis kot..dokrung or jedok? muahahahha...jgn marah daaa!

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