April 01, 2009

Nite Out wit Qiss

last nite goes out wit Qiss n her Mama..me wit lokong + Adam. surveying rice cooker but inda end we bought it..some things we want is out of stock so maybe we try at K4,alamanda next time. Emmm, Qiss is now hv 'P' license..(walking) funny to see Qiss try to walk fast ha ha ha..Qiss, slow down n break a leg!

drop by at secret recipe..Mama Qiss want to buy cakes..yumm-yummmm..me? no laahhh..kdg2 jemu bile dh selalu mkn ha ha ha..after sending them home, we drop by at ptj nite market..grab something to eat..but some stall already close so bought little snack to full our grolling stomach..little uh?

p/s: mck kodoks tu blk kg arini but i wonder awat dia nye gtalk on??!


snow said...

dh tentu org bukak pc haku..on la gtalk tuh.. cesh.. itu pun tak taw lagik.. hang cuti pun gtalk hang on jgk.. bluuueeekkk~~~ :P

mak iti Jr said...

eh-eh iye ke? sapa yg on kan tu ek...jeng-jeng