September 02, 2013

Yes, it official..alhamdulillah

 1 more edition to da family this year..Merah will be big sister, insyaAllah.

 Suprise n shock for me coz i'm not ready yet..Merah still need my attention.
but Abi Merah is sooo excited, it turn off my worried :)

I do wat ever to maintain this pregnancy, got 25 days MC after cerclage.  See Che Hawa to maintan my womb. N eat suppliment for this 2nd bb.  Dr's at Hosp PTJ do wat they can to prevent history from repeating, I'm glad. they monitor me carefully.  there are  up n down but we hv to be strong n face this together to bring this bundle of joy to our world, Abi Merah.  TQVM for your support n love during this difficult time when you still hv health issue urself.

Alhamdulillah, pray to Allah that everything will be fine this time...


♚ wonderFURRworld ♚ said...


siryes aku speechlessss..

im happy for u...!! :)

mak iti Jr said...

aku lg la speechlesss time tgk preg test tuh!
aku doakan kan penyakit 'buatan org' nih jangkit pulok kat ko Juls hihihihi