January 09, 2009

What Jew want, part 3:
" Larry, I wish I got comments like yours in my flickr every single day.

The only comment I would make to what you have written is this: You say "what is true is that you have two peoples both laying claim to the same piece of land. And in the present context I don't see any resolution."

There is a very fundamental difference here though. Palestinians are not laying claim to Israel, and have not for decades. The Palestinian leadership has formally recognized Israel since 1988. Even Hamas is no longer so fixated on the removal of Israel. In terms of territory, all the Palestinians ask is the land which was occupied in 1967 - the West Bank (which includes illegally-annexed East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip.

That's it. They are requesting nothing more than the right to live in peace in less than 20% of what was once - just a generation ago - their own country.It is important to remember that the Israelis, despite all their hogwash about an existential threat, are not fighting for the existence of ISRAEL. They are fighting for the annexation and ethnic cleansing of lands outside of Israel that were seized in 1967. They already have a country - Israel - which is five times larger than the piece of land the Palestinians are demanding. While it is true that both Israel and the Palestinians CLAIM a right to the West Bank and Gaza, it is not true that both Israel and the Palestinians claim a right to Israel.

This is a fundamental difference which is often mystified. I think it is urgent to recall that we are talking about two radically different KINDS of claims.The current Israeli claim is effectively of a right to ethnic expansionism, not unlike the kind exercised here in North America over the last 200 years, or the kind exercised by Hitler in Eastern Europe under the rubric of "lebensraum". The current Palestinian claim is nothing so tendentious or abstract. It is simply a claim to the right to continue to live on the same land their parents, and great great grandparents have lived on, going back 50 generations and more.

The current Israeli claim is effectively of a right to annull another culture. The current Palestinian claim - which surrenders claim to 80% of their own rightful land - is a radical concession towards peace.This is one reason why every country in the entire world, without exception, has endorsed the Palestinian claim.

The other reason every country endorses it is that the Israeli claim is overwhelmingly criminal within international and humanitarian law, while the Palestinian claim is quite modest, reasonable, generous, and consist of nothing more than a just demand for their full legal rights within the law. "

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