November 06, 2008

Busy Weekdays
disweek my In Laws coming. my SIL staying with us until dis saturday. her husband having archery course at presint 9 school. both of them teacher's. so, i'm quiet bz with house chores. in the meantime my youngest sister is now doing part time at "Mothercare', Alamanda Putrajaya. i'm glad in dis 3 month, i have a tenor heheheh..and she can accompany me during her off day.

during my SIL staying, i'm like..tired..confuse with da menu..try to make everything perfect form them..i want to make my lokong proud of me. so i have to make an effort to impress them. so they wil know their 'baby brother' in a good hand, rite?

this month my bajet is tight as elizabeth tailor skin heheheh...i'm planning a trip to Perlis to fetch my brother. alhamdulillah, now he finish his study. i'm hoping he has a bright future although next year world will be facing recess. he too will be staying with me and take partime. at least he can save money and gather experience before entering to 'real life' working hell. (try to boost his self-esteem).

emmm..still confusing. what to cook today? and what to serve for this afternoon tea? maybe i'll grab something at da store..some cake maybe..biscutt..fruit..etc. oh, i have to fold piling of clothes tonite..duhhhh!

p/s: dont take a note for grammatical error, cik F :P

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